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For women looking to ground their cosmic energy and step fully into their purpose using wisdom from the ancients. Learn how to harness your power through the teachings of evolutionary astrology and practically apply the right kundalini and embodiment practices to upgrade your daily life and align you more clearly with your purpose. 

Step fully into your purpose

Use the wisdom of the stars to get clear on your purpose. 

Ground your cosmic energy

Turn your spiritual knowing into daily practice and action.

Embody ancient wisdom

Gain the tools you need to actually fulfill your destiny dharma

Your own chart like the back of your hand
How to apply evolutionary astrology to your everyday life
Kundalini + embodiment practices to align to astrological energies  

How to find your purpose and soul mission 
Ways to tap into your values and desires 
How to nourish your relationships and find the right partners for you to thrive 
How to harness your masculine and feminine energies
How to deeply understand your own astrology and interpret the charts of others 

You are READY to understand yourself deeply 


You want CLARITY on your purpose and soul mission 

You are curious about astrology but want to know more about how it applies to you


You want to ATTRACT the right partner and relationships in your life 


You want to TRANSFORM stuck energy in your body, heart, mind, and spirit to bring yourself into more clarity and fulfillment


You want ALIGN with the right embodiment and spiritual practices to evolve you, your mission, and your soul every day

You've come to the right place...


Hi - I'm Charlotte

I've been deeply passionate about Astrology for since I was 18. It wasn't until finding my mentor and the path of Evolutionary Astrology that it all "came together" for me. I realized that understanding your astrology was one thing, but to actually use it consciously and receive guidance on how to go forward with my blueprint was a whole other thing. For the last 10 years I've been exploring how to fully awaken to all that I am. I've been deeply devoted as a student and teacher of yoga (hatha, vinyasa, and kundalini), tantra, sacred embodiment, feminine expression, and more.  I am taking all that I have learned on my journey and sharing it with you in this offering.


Think of me as your magical mystery guide, showing you where the door is and being a witness to you choosing yourself.


I was amazed with Charlotte's ability to shift my perspective on things I had not considered before. I learned a lot about myself and gained insights on situations that had caused me doubts in the past. She helped shine light on what I should work on in a way that changed my life already in the days following.


Her loving energy and light made it easy to be vulnerable and talk about things I would normally keep to myself. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for guidance or simple wanting to learn more about themselves.


I feel crystal clear on how to evolve into the best version of myself, my purpose, and how to leverage my gifts and wounds to be of service to others. 

It's impossible to feel alone, lost, or fragmented with Charlotte's support. I am seen fully - for all the aspects of my being and through all the ebbs and tides of like as the planets and stars shift, always in my favor. What more could I ask for? 

Lauren L


WEEK 1: 
Land the Basics of Evolutionary Astrology 

WEEK 2: 
Understand your evolutionary intentions with Pluto (evolutionary guide of the soul)

WEEK 3: 
 Discover your souls desire with Mars

WEEK 4: 
Attune your internal compass with the Lunar Nodes

WEEK 5: 
Attract your ideal life with the Sun

WEEK 6: 
Feel & heal with the Moon
WEEK 7: 
Become an amazing listener + communicator with Mercury 

WEEK 8: 
Become a radiant magnet for love & abundance with Venus

WEEK 9: 
Become a cliff jumper & “take leaps of faith” with Jupiter

WEEK 10: 
Take responsibility for your life + establish boundaries with Saturn 

WEEK 11: 
Trust the mystery with Uranus 

WEEK 12: 
Explore the nature of consciousness through interconnection and synchronicity with Neptune

12 LIVE weekly group calls with Charlotte 

  • Which will include:

    • a deep dive into the weekly planet, how it manifests in each sign (ie. Aries, Taurus ect)

    • Specific very potent practices for the empowerment of each placement (each week is different based on the theme)

    • Q and A 

50+ hours video delivered weekly on the material covered in the live call for deeper understanding (includes videos of suggested practices)

Special workshops on the following topics: 

  • Discovering your value, desire, and how to find abundance for yourself 

  • Understanding your guiding life principles and purpose

  • Using your emotional body to pioneer your life’s mission 

Practices to reprogram your subconscious and overcome self limiting beliefs


Kundalini  Yoga and Meditation + Embodiment Practices aligned to the energy if each planet 


  • Sign up below 

  • Get access to the Telegram Group and online learning portal

  • Registration closes April 29th, 2022

  • Attend live weekly calls beginning May 1, 2022 9am pst




We spoke the same language and when I learned she is an evolutionary astrologer, I was intrigued and booked a session.  To be able to read an astrology chart is one thing...but to be able to interpret and guide someone through it as Charlotte is a true gift. 

She was able to look at my chart and really give me a full spectrum view of my self. I felt so seen and understood. It was truly special. 


We spoke the same language and when I learned she is an evolutionary astrologer, I was intrigued and booked a session. 

I have a basic understanding of astrology as I have had readings before. What I appreciated about Charlotte is that she met me at my level. She is highly intuitive & knowledgable and knew how to deliver the reading that would best serve my highest purpose. I felt very seen throughout the session. I also felt very held as Charlotte creates a brave and loving container to be vulnerable. It is clear and palpable that Charlotte lives and breaths astrology & transformation.


Melissa W

Ready to ground your cosmic energy into cosmic action? 
Ready for a more empowered, integrated way of living?

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