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The Cost of Being Pretty and Nice (for the sake of being pretty and nice)

MON | DECEMBER 26, 2022
9 - 10:30 AM PST (1.5 HOURS)

Join me in this intimate online gathering space to:

  • Discover the cost of trying to be "pretty and perfect" for you

  • Discover the part of you that wants to keep you in this trap 

  • Take one step in the direction to be less pretty and perfect and more you

  • Learn a little bit about my 3 month coaching program that will support you in transforming your "pretty and perfect" box.

The cost of trying to be pretty and perfect:

Everything you do has a cost and a gain. In my experience, trying to be pretty and perfect has very big cost with very little benefit. In exchange for being pretty and perfect you give up:


  • Your time

  •  Your energy to cultivate other aspects of yourself 

  • Your money

  • Authentic relationships

  • Your soul

This might sound extreme. But I have a fear that being “pretty and perfect” is really this costly.

I can tell you how we got here as a “collective woman.” Modern culture, which is just “normal life” for most of us that grew up in the western world gives you the impression through tv, advertisements, etc. that we are only desirable when we are pretty and perfect. We are bombarded with messages and images of airbrushed woman with perfect hair and boobs and lips. And at some point, a man will point out how we look - either ugly or pretty. And since the messaging tells us we need a man to be complete, happy, and loved we make a decision that the most important thing (or one of the most) is to be pretty & perfect. So we spend hours a day thinking about our body, our belly fat, our lips, our chin, our wrinkles - hyper fixating on what is not perfect. 

This is “their way” of keeping women in their system, spending insane amounts of money on trying to look perfect, with clothes, shoes, make up and whatever. All the while these products are destroying the environment and we slowly lose who we really are, because all that we know really about about ourselves is how to look pretty and perfect.

In this worktalk, I will share with you how I transformed (and continue to transform) the part of me that wants to be pretty and perfect + how I have and continue to go through the fire to remember ME and reclaim my life. 

Further, we will have an exploration about what the cost is for YOU of trying to be pretty and perfect, discover the part of you that wants this, and take a step in the direction of remembering you, the real and natural you.


9 - 10:30 AM PST (1.5 HOURS)
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