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4 Week Program for Healing Emotional Eating Patterns

Overcome Emotional Eating

A Healing space for Women to shift their relationship to eating and food

As the holidays roll around and you find yourself in situation that are a bit more triggering and challenging, it is easy to turn to food to regulate yourself.

Food is a very easy to find numbing strategy. Some people turn to alcohol, drugs or scrolling, to numb their feelings and calm themselves to be able to handle their lives.If you have a habit of overeating, binging food late night, thinking about what you are going to eat next as you are eating, fixating on how many calories you ate, shaming yourself for what you ate or didn’t eat then this 4 week healing space is for you.

When you eat your feelings, instead of feel them, you block the flow of your inner resources which are giving you information and energy about how to navigate your life. Not only that, you swallow the feeling and it becomes a stuck emotion, which creates disease + stagnation and discomfort in your physical body.


In this healing space, you will get the chance to feel + process the feeling that you are numbing with food and learn how to feel consciously so you don’t turn to food when you feel something. Shift your point of origin with food and change your life!

The format: 2 group session (valued at $200) and 2 private sessions (valued at $800)
Investment: $577

Dates: Group sessions: Sunday November 26th & Wednesday November 28th at 10am PST
Recording will be available if you can’t make it live

Private session scheduled for December 1-15

Limited space and registration will close when the program is full!

Register by Nov 22 and get $100 off!

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