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A sacred container for weekly women’s circle and monthly kundalini class.


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Welcome to our vibrant community of wild women!

We are a group dedicated to reclaiming our empowered selves and embracing our feminine aliveness. Through a combination of transformative trainings & and gatherings, enriching programs, and regular spiritual and emotional practices, we weave together to create a powerful sisterhood that ignites our collective potential.

At our community, we believe in the power of connection - the connection to ourselves, each other, and Mother Earth (Gaia). Through our weekly live gatherings, we come together to share, support, and inspire one another on our individual and collective journeys. These gatherings provide a nurturing space for exploration, healing, and growth.


Our community offers a variety of transformative training and programs that cater to the diverse needs and interests of our members. Whether you are seeking to deepen your spiritual practice, reconnect with your intuition, or unlock new possibilities in your life, we have something for everyone. Our dedicated team of experienced facilitators is committed to creating a safe and welcoming environment where you can explore, learn, and evolve.


Come join us on this empowering and transformative journey. Together, we will tap into the wisdom of our wild woman spirit, embrace our authentic selves, and co-create a world filled with feminine power and love. Welcome home!

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What You Gain:

  • Weekly Women's Circle Call (1.5 hours)

  • Weekly experiments, processes, at-home practices, and more!

  • Monthly themed kundalini class

  • On-going chat and support throughout each week

  • Sacred space for transformation and growth among other women also doing the work

  • Being your own inner authority (reclamation of your center!)

  • Using your feelings to create what you want in your life & heal your past

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Peak Inside

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This is for you if you have completed ETB, ATS, or private coaching with a possibility coach.

This is for you if you’re ready to embark on a transformational journey in connection with other women doing the work.

This is for you if you are ready to embody your own unique and wild way of being.

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Entering this container is a commitment to your own evolution, and to your sisters. The space is entirely confidential, no part of your experience will be shared publicly without your explicit permission.

Investment: $297 



*Membership will be renewed at the end of the 3 months unless canceled.


Send me an email here!

Wild Woman Way

I feel like I am so much more aware, curious, and simply more myself.


I stepped into this container because I felt like I was numb and didn’t truly know myself. I didn’t understand why I did the things I did. It wasn’t until the group coaching where we broke down our feelings that I became aware of the source of my rippling anxiety. The fear was overwhelming me but with tools that Charlotte helped bring to light, I was able to move through my fear more gracefully. I was able to just accept it and dive deeper into the source of it. 


As a space holder I’ve seen the biggest change, I’m able to connect with others on a different level. I’m able to notice my conditioning and limiting beliefs way faster. With the tools I learned I’m also able to begin rewiring my mindset. This whole container felt like a great foundation to starting fresh. A new way to think, a way to figure out the source of my struggles.


This is just the beginning and I’m beyond grateful for this container. I’d recommend it to anyone wanting to take a stand in their personal world.




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