Intimacy Codes

Mondays July 25-Aug 22

9:30AM-11AM PDT

About Intimacy Codes

Dear Sister,

As an embodiment of the divine feminine, you are a conduit of love. But love has become so vague. It all seems so complex. And at the same time, something else is possible: CLARITY Perhaps you want to be more loving & in flow but you can't because you're angry, resentful, and secretly sabotaging yourself in subtle ways. Perhaps you keep getting sucked in by your emotional ups and downs. Perhaps you are feeling alive and on your way but you can feel that something deeper is trying to come through you. There exists a set of DISTINCTIONS and TOOLS that will allow your Feminine essence to be fully expressed. These distinctions and tools are part of what I call your ‘Inner Masculine’. It is the space within you that allows for your inner feminine to express and flow through. Once you learn how to harness your inner masculine, your feminine expression can come online in its full force and magnetic capacity. So, my approach is different. It's not about dancing sensually naked and screaming with freedom. This is the result, not the process, of this work. You don't need practice on how to do this. This is your NATURE. What patriarchal society’s influence has stripped from you is your ability to become your own Masculine pillar. These distinctions are the most useful tools I have found to give you the structure you need to BLOSSOM your feminine essence and become a conduit for love. Which in turn will activate your destiny and purpose in ways you didn't know were possible. These distinctions can be used in your unique work and life. This circle is for you if you want to be in sisterhood, expand faster than you thought was possible, be resourced with the tools you need to live your purpose, create wild intimacy with yourself and others, and be a fantastic space holder for your community. Let’s take this journey together, as sisters.

WEEK 1 Theme


There is you, and then their are your beliefs and stories. Learn how to distinguish the difference between the two to become a clearer channel for your purpose.​ Experience the power of taking Radical Responsibility for your life

WEEK 4 Theme


Explore yourself in motion: Your evolutionary journey, your liquid state, and what the Universe is trying to tell you in every moment

WEEK 2 Theme


Become an ally with your emotional body by learning the difference between feelings and emotions. Experience the useful processes to heal your emotions (from the past) and activate your inner compass (feelings for here & now)

WEEK 5 Theme


Is it your problem, their problem, or is there not a problem? Experience new maps for communication, speaking, listening, problem ownership, and more!

WEEK 3 Theme


You have a physical center and then, you have an energetic center. Where is it? With you? With another person? In another place? Find out "where you are" and learn how to become Centered