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Initiations are experiences that take you to your edge, to the edge of what you know, and carry you into the unknown for evolutionary growth and real time transformation. Ultimately, these rights of passage offer you new Possibilities. My own initiations have brought me clarity about my role as an Initiation Facilitator and a Bridge Builder paving the way for the New Earth and Next Culture - a paradigm where beings are purposeful & radiantly alive. 

Awaken Thy Soul: An Initiation into Radical Living

Next offering: February 2022 in Costa Rica


Join Charlotte and Jeff @theurbanbarefoot for this one week immersive experience to access levels of intimacy, communication, clarity, and feeling that your soul has always known possible.

Warrioress Training

1:1 Possibility Coaching with Charlotte 


Work weekly with Charlotte online or in person to activate your Archetypal Warrioress, the part of you that is ready to step forward and hold space for all your possible visions, ready to say “No!” – because unless you can deliver a determining “No!” or “Stop!” any “yes” you say is a lie. The Warrioress thrills to fulfill noble commitments, to stand and speak for her values, to make real changes happen, and show up fully to live the life of her wildest most extraordinary dreams.  


I want to share my experience with participating in a container with Charlotte. 

I am a different human from when I started working with her. I remember last winter feeling so lost and my emotions were out of control.  I was participating in Charlotte’s astrology offering in which I wept uncontrollably. She offered to talk and hold space for me.  I am one, who in the past, was very resistant to accepting help but decided it was time and that I would take a leap.  After one conversation, I began a 6 week container with Charlotte and it has changed my life.  It was one of the best decisions I have made.  I am so grateful for this woman and what she has taught me and am so grateful she was put on my path.  The 6 week container was a transformational experience.  She met me where I was and also challenged me to push to my edges.  Her intuition guided me to find so many answers about myself.  She has so much wisdom and amazing ideas.  Her use of Possibility Management was so helpful for new possibilities, new perspectives, new skills to walk through my life.  She as well uses other helpful ways such as tantra and evolutionary astrology which were so helpful as well. I felt so seen and loved and held in her space.  I honestly don’t feel like the same woman as when I started.  I am finally finding myself, finding my voice, my anger, my center.  I feel stronger and more confident and more alive.   I have for the first time in my life started to love myself.  My journey with Charlotte is not over yet and am continuing another 3 month container which I am loving.  Charlotte was an acquaintance at the start and has become a sister.  A woman I love as family.  A woman I love and respect and will be a part of my life always.  

So if it wasn’t obvious, I highly recommend working with Charlotte. It will transform your life.   

With love,




Charlotte landed in my life when the constant confusion, relentless anxiety, and stagnation in my life was at its peak. We immersed in a multi-day in-person intensive to identify the root of my chaos. Charlotte helped me uncover my wounded inner child, my constant state of victimhood, and how I was sabotaging my relationships and potential - all through the gateway of feelings and emotions. I’ve never had a space holder participate with such radical integrity, honesty, and fierce support. This container completely dismantled my bullshit and led me to the edge, quite literally to my deepest fear, with grace and encouragement to just GO for it. To take a stand for my life. I’m now the responsible steward of my purpose and creatrix of profound intimacy in my life. It’s like I’m seeing the world with new eyes, a crystalline heart, and a fire in my soul. Perfectly clear, perfectly on-purpose. Our weekly Zoom calls are both my anchor and my arrow. I only wish that all beings had access to these paradigm shifting tools and Charlotte’s warrioress spirit.



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